Monday, June 29, 2009

My Housemate

Before I came here I was so worried that I will have bad housemate n roommate. But it was not like what I thought. They were very nice and we live in a house like one big family. It is very difficult to find friends like them. I feel lucky to know them. But I always give them problems because I’m so careless and forgetful.

On the first day of the orientation day, I had lost my bicycle key early in the morning and they had to give me a ride on their bike. But it is very tiring because I’m quite heavy. So I change with them. I cycled and they sit on the back. Like this make their leg tired. And then they take turn to let me cycle. I’m very touch at that time. But once I came back home, my key was on the staircase. You can see how careless and forgetful I am.

After a few weeks we had one big family in this house. Just like normal house, we have father and mother, grandma and sisters! Our father is Ah Wyng. This is because she had a car and always drives us out and sometimes to campus. Just like our father! Our mama is Siaw Siang. She is very fierce and will always ask where we are going if she saw us going out. She also always prepared us some nice juicy fruits and cooling drinks. She also has cars and sometimes drive us to dinner and to Tesco but she likes to bully me. Because she said I look likes someone that is easy to bully. But it just some entertainments for us. We are just playing around to spend our time here at Kampar.

Our grandma is Stephanie who has the same name with me. That is why they called me chee chee. Grandma is the oldest here, she is 21 years old. She is papa’s mommy in this house. This is because she always quarrels with mama just like mother in law with daughter in law. You can laugh out loud when she you see them quarreling.

Hmmm… I’m the youngest in this house. Not because they are bigger then me. Just I am too childish. The youngest in this house is Huan Ying. But she is my big sister because she is most mature. The rest are my sisters. They are Pei Vern, my roommate and will always remind me to take my keys and purse whenever I want to go out. Kai Qian always likes to scare people and hug people. Hui Wen is Huan Ying’s roommate. She is always on the phone. Sometimes she is on 3G. This is because she is talking with her boyfriend.

We also have an aunt who is Siaw Siang best friend. Her name is Jin Li. She does not stays in our house. But just because she always come here to look for Siaw Siang we called her our aunt.

This is my big family here. We will always go everywhere together even for dinner. All the restaurants here are happy to see us because there are 9 of us to eat in their restaurants. I am really have a good time here because of them.